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Upcoming Events

Speaker Date & Title  
Former Yale Baltic Studies Visiting Fellows November 20-21, 2019 Yale Baltic Studies Visiting Fellows Reunion Conference  


Past Events

Speaker Date & Title  
Monika Kareniauskaite, Spring 2019 Joseph P. Kazickas Postdoctoral Associate in European Studies 4:00pm, May 2, 2019 | Crime and Punishment: USSR, Lithuania and Post-Soviet Transformation
Ambassador Andrejs Pildegovičs, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Latvia to the United Nations; 

Mr. Pawel Radomski
Deputy Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Poland

4:30pm, March 27, 2019 | Global Governance Series: “Building New European Security Architecture”
Mindaugas Šapoka, 2018-2019 Joseph P. Kazickas Postdoctoral Associate in European Studies 6:30pm,  March 4, 2019 | Poland-Lithuania and the Great Northern War: What Did Peter and the Great Gain and Charles XII Lose with Their Polish Policy?
Juhan Hellerma, Fall 2018 Juris Padegs Visiting Assistant in Research, Yale University 4:30pm, January 24, 2019 | Historicizing Time: The Origins and Transformations of Modern Temporality
  February 1-2, 2019 | Europe After 1918: Poland, the Baltic Countries, and the United States Symposium
Maija Spurina, Fall 2018 Juris Padegs Postdoctoral Associate in European Studies, Yale University 1:00pm, December 4, 2018 | Truth, Politics, and Memory of the Holocaust in Post-Soviet Latvia
Dr. Vytenis Andriukaitis, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety  4pm, September 28, 2018 | European Memories: from Soviet Gulag to European Commission