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Visiting Fellows

Current Fellows for 2017-2018

Arvydas GrišinasArvydas Grišinas 

Fall 2017 Joseph P. Kazickas Postdoctoral Associate in European Studies

Arvydas Grišinas is a Researcher at Kaunas University of Technology and a Lecturer in Political Anthropology at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania.  His work centers on post-Soviet political identity formation in Central and Eastern Europe.  He received his Ph.D. in Politics and Government from the University of Kent (Great Britain) in 2015, having finished his undergraduate education in History and Anthropology at Vilnius University.

Dr. Grišinas is completing a book titled Politics with a Human Face: Identity and Experience in Post-Soviet Europe, forthcoming from Routledge in 2018, that examines how identity formation, symbolism, historical narratives, political images, and other human factors shape politics in Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the post-Soviet European region.

Ardi PriksArdi Priks

Spring 2018 Juris Padegs Visiting Assistant in Research

Ardi Priks is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the Central European University (Budapest).  His work is on the political economy of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy reform.  He holds a master’s degrees in International Relations and European Studies from the Central European University and in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam.  He finished his undergraduate education in Government and Politics at the University of Tartu (Estonia).   

At Yale Mr. Priks will continue work on his thesis on the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, which is a significant aspect of the EU’s work.  Expenditures through the CAP account for 40 percent of the EU budget and mainly go to farmers. However, CAP has been controversial as spending does not follow the principle of “public money for public goods” and because it is difficult to justify supporting – often wealthy – farmers’ incomes in a market economy in which entrepreneurs and, increasingly, workers in other sectors are also faced with the risk of gradual or rapid income decline.  At Yale Mr. Priks will also study the European Union, its development, current institutions and operations, and projections for its future.

Prior to his arrival at in New Haven, Mr. Priks will have spent much of 2017 working at the Estonian Permanent Representation to the European Union, advising on agricultural policy and aiding the Estonian diplomatic corps in Brussels in connection with the Estonian Presidency of Council of the European Union (July to December 2017).

Past Fellows

Andris SaulītisAndris Saulītis

Fall 2017 Juris Padegs Visiting Assistant in Research

Andris Saulītis is a Ph.D. candidate in Social and Political Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence, and his completing his doctoral thesis on how individuals in current-day Latvia are coping with overindebtedness.  He holds master’s degrees from Rīga Stradiņš University and the New School for Social Research (New York City), and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Latvia.

At Yale Mr. Saulītis will continue work on his thesis, focusing on quantitative research methods in analyzing the data he has collected in Latvia on intrinsic motivations of compliance and on insolvency.  He will also work on issues of recovery from financial crisis, especially social mechanisms, as well as legal solutions, to help households avoid and recover from financial distress. This will buttress his work already done on understanding variations in social norms and obligation fulfillment in Latvia.  He will also study overindebtedness in the United States and in European Union states as comparisons to that in Latvia.

Andres KurgAndres Kurg

Spring 2017 Juris Padegs Visiting Senior Researcher in European Studies 

Andres Kurg is Senior Researcher at the Institute of Art History, Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. His research explores the architecture and design of the Soviet Union in the late 1960s and 1970s in relation to technological transformations and changes in everyday life as well as its intersections with alternative art practices. He studied art history at the Estonian Academy of Arts and architectural history at University College London.  Link to full bio.

Jolanta MickuteJolanta Mickute

Spring 2017 Joseph P. Kazickas Visiting Assistant Professor in European Studies

Jolanta Mickute is Assistant Professor of History at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania.  Her research examines political and cultural issues in the interwar period in Central and Eastern Europe.  Her current work focuses on the experience of Jewish women in interwar Poland, including Vilnius and the surrounding region.  She received her Ph.D. from Indiana University, and holds master’s degrees from Oxford University and Vilnius University. Link to full bio.

Eva PiirimäeEva Piirimäe

Spring 2017 Juris Padegs Visiting Associate Professor in European Studies

Eva Piirimäe is Associate Professor of Political Theory at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, University of Tartu. Professor Piirimäe received her Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 2006.  Her Ph.D. thesis was titled “Thomas Abbt (1738-1766) and the Philosophical Genesis of German Nationalism.” She has recently co-edited (with Alexander Schmidt) a special issue of the journal History of European Ideas on sociability in Enlightenment thought and has published a number of articles in journals such as History of European Ideas, History of Political Thought, Eighteenth-Century Studies. Link to full bio.

Vaidotas VaičaitisVaidotas Vaičaitis

Spring 2017 Joseph P. Kazickas Visiting Associate Professor in European Studies

Vaidotas Vaičaitis is Associate Professor of Law at Vilnius University. He received a master’s degree in Legal Theory from the European Academy of Legal Theory (Brussels) in 2000 and a Ph.D. in Law from Vilnius University in 2001. He also holds graduate degrees in Religious Studies and History from Vilnius University. Link to full bio.